Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A Year to Remember | PADI IDC Indonesia with Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod 2016

2015 was a fantastic year for the PADI IDC Indonesia and for Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod. Having seen over 100 professional divers choosing the program to become scuba diving instructors it makes the program Asia’s no.1 choice.

There are many reasons why professional divers are choosing the program as their prime choice and these reasons include the Dive Center, The Platinum PADI Course Director, The PADI IDC GoPro team and the location.
Trawangan Dive was the first ever established PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center (CDC) in Lombok and the Gili Islands and today remains the only CDC Center in Gili Trawangan. The Center is one of the largest dive centers in the Gili Islands and offers world class facilities including a purpose built Instructor Development classroom, two training pools and a dedicated Instructor training boat. Trawangan Dive is situated directly next to the beach and the Instructor training sites are only a stone’s throw away allowing minimal time to reach the dive sites, thus maximizing time spent on training whether in the classroom, the swimming pool or in Open Water. Other facilities at the dive center include a beachside restaurant, poolside bar & chill out area, changing facilities and direct swimming access to the beach.

The program is entirely conducted by Holly Macleod a Platinum PADI Course Director who has won multiple awards for her pure professionalism and for the quality of the actual course provided. She has not only received the Platinum PADI Status once again for 2015, but has also been awarded the Elite Instructor award based on the sheer number of professionals choosing the course. The Course itself has been noted with the “commitment to Instructor Development Award”. In 2015 over 100 dive professional chose to take the program with Holly and are now enjoying life as a scuba diving instructor. As well as a Platinum PADI Course Director and the world class facilities offered at a prestige PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center (CDC) the program benefits from various PADI IDC Staff Instructors who are still engaged within the industry and have a solid background within Instructor Development.
The Gili Islands is a fantastic place to start your career as a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor offering everything you would expect from a tropical islands surrounded by palm swept white sandy beaches and more. The tourism industry is continuously growing and more and more people are choosing the Gili Islands for their vacations, therefore the diving industry is growing exponentially meaning there are often dive shops looking for more staff and those staff also tend to get busier and busier.
The program is offered on an 11 day schedule with an additional 5 days of preparation workshops.
During the pre IDC preparation workshops candidates will review the five dive theory subjects from the Divemaster course, review the full skill circuit from the Divemaster Course, practice the Rescue Exercises, get to know each other and make a smooth transition in the Instructor Development Course (IDC).
On the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) candidates learn how to organize, structure and conduct the full range of PADI programs. Classroom sessions will revolve around learning the PADI educational system including sales, marketing, risk management, the business of diving, diver retention, and conducting classroom presentations. Confined sessions take place in the swimming pool and teach candidates about organizing new divers in training, Discover Scuba Diving Workshops, Rescue Exercise Techniques and conducting confined water presentations. Open Water workshops concentrate on skill practice, Adventures in Diving workshops, Rescue techniques and conducting Open Water Presentations. As well as the mandatory PADI syllabus there are many more workshops included with the program which have been devised by Platinum PADI Course Director Holly and are based on her years of diving experience around the world.

If you’re looking to join the PADI IDC Indonesia check out the latest news on the PADI IDC Gili Islands Facebook Page and contact Holly; Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Platinum PADI Course Director | Career Development Center | Gili IDC

Become a scuba diving instructor with the best possible training available at the PADI IDC Gili Islands, Indonesia. Elite Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod offers some of the best possible training available in the world.

The programs take place at Trawangan Dive, and candidates are safe in the knowledge that the dive center was the very first PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center (CDC) in the Gili Islands and has won multiple awards for its professionalism and commitment towards Instructor level PADI training programs. Candidates can also be assured that the program is conducted by highly experienced Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod who has successful trained over one hundred PADI Scuba Diving Instructors within the last year.
The Program runs every month on an 11 day schedule with an additional 5 days of Pre-IDC Preparation.The Pre-IDC Preparation workshops basically review the skills and knowledge learnt during the Divemaster Course including both theory and water skills. During the preparation workshop candidates will review dive skills & environment, physics, physiology, equipment and the RDP. During the actual PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) candidates will take part in classroom, confined (swimming pool) and Open Water training environments.
Classroom sessions include Marketing, The 4 E’s Sales Workshop, Diver Retention, Diver Acquisition, the Business of Diving, and Risk Management. Classroom sessions will also include a series of PADI Standard and Procedures presentations discussing the requirements in relation to the individual PADI Programs. Candidates will also participate in a series of practice examinations in preparation for their Instructor Examination.

Confined Water sessions are conducted in the swimming pool. During these sessions candidates will present their Confined Water Teaching Presentations, take part in DSD Workshops, Rescue Workshops, practice Rescue Exercise 7, learn about student positioning and control and practice the PADI Skills Circuit.
During the Open Water Sessions candidates will present their Individual Open Water Presentation and take part in a variety of workshops including the CESA and Descents workshops, Student Control Workshops, Adventures in Diving Workshops and Rescue Workshops. There will also be further skill development sessions and Rescue Exercise 7 practice.

During 2016 there will be 10 opportunities to join the PADI IDC Gili Islands program…..

If you’re looking for a rewarding and successful career as a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor this is the best possible way to get started in making it happen. There are many ways to find out more information about the program. Firstly by checking out the Gili Islands PADI IDC YouTube channel, you can see a course in action. To find out more about the latest news and updates check out the PADI IDC Indonesia Facebook Fan Page. To find out any additional information or to book your place contact our Platinum PADI Course Director now!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Aqualung Equipment Seminar for PADI IDC Indonesia candidates | Trawangan Dive | Gili Islands

Recently on the PADI IDC Indonesia in the Gili Islands we were lucky enough to receive a full equipment presentation and demonstration on all the latest Aqualung products. As well as learning more about the latest Aqualung scuba diving products, our 8 PADI IDC candidates also go to try out some of the latest products in the Trawangan Dive swimming pool. 

The whole event was organized by Divemasters Indonesia in conjunction with Aqualung International and was based at Trawangan Dive; premier PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center (CDC) and resort in Gili Trawangan. During the course of the day dive professionals in the area were able to come along, meet the Divemasters Bali team and the Aqualung specialists and gain some further technical knowledge about their latest products. In the afternoon our PADI Instructor Candidates also had the chance to receive a personal presentation and demonstration of the latest Aqualung and Apecks products.

Divemaster Bali is one of the main suppliers of scuba diving equipment in Indonesia and Aqualung is the main manufactures in the world. This is a great chance for our latest Instructor candidates; Jack, Steve, Matt, Sean, Dan, Keith, Tamar and Valerie to not only gain more product knowledge, but to actually test the latest equipment, meet the suppliers within the region and meet some of the top guys from the manufacturer.

During the course the candidates had the option of attending the Aqualung seminar and also an Aquatic alliance presentation on Manta Rays. Of course all of our Instructor Candidates have now finished the program and the PADI Instructor Examination and are starting their careers within the industry.
If you are looking to further your professional diving education and create a career with this dynamic industry the PADI IDC Indonesia is the place to start. The program runs every month at Trawangan Dive; which is the only PADI 5 Star IDC Career Development Center (CDC) in Gili Trawangan and first ever to be established in Lombok and the Gili Islands. All Instructor training is fully conducted by Holly Macleod; a Platinum PADI Course Director with a reputation for excellence and success.

Holly has not only devised the perfect training schedule, but has a wealth of experience within industry. having worked in a variety of geographical locations and performed a range of dive related roles, she is always will to assist new instructor graduates in finding their first job advising instructors of exactly what to expect from prospective employers and of course what to expect from specific locations.
To see all the latest news an progress on the program check out the PADI IDC Indonesia GoPro Facebook Fan Page which also lists the latest PADI IDC Gili Islands information of course dates, special offers, photos and videos. For more specific information about the course contact our Platinum PADI Course Director to see how you can join Indonesia’s best PADI IDC.